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Due to privacy agreements between Point Light Pictures and our clients, along with varying production schedules, we cannot post every project. However, we’ll post what we can. Also, feel free to visit our Vimeo page where you can browse many completed videos.



"Dunlop Roadsmart 3: Less Wear, More Where" Promo

Los Angeles, CA

Social Media Campaign, BEIN Sports Ad (cut down), for Dunlop Corporation






















Social Media Campaign, Trinity Baptist College


















He's a Good Kid (short film)

Los Angeles, CA

DP, Cinematography He's a Good Kid with Producer/Director Linda Seohee Hwang



X-Men Apocalypse 30 Second Animation

Los Angeles, CA

Talenthouse/Marvel Comics Social Media Animation
















Car Wash

Los Angeles, CA

ABM, National Auto Rental, Budget Auto Rental, Enterprise Auto Rental Training



Trinity Christian Academy


Online promotional video

















Generations: Continuing the Story


Capital campaign video series for Trinity Ministries



Healthy Home Interview

Dallas, TX; Orlando, FL

Shoot, edit interviews of prominent spokespeople (Linda Chae, Brittany Glynn) of the Healthy Home Company
Sub-Contracted under DayDreamer Productions for live video & lighting



Student Summit Promo


Online promotional video, large student conference, Trinity Baptist College



Editorial Bautista Independiente (EBI)


Various promotional, recruiting, and resource advertisements. Shot on location in Sebring, FL and Lima, Peru



Logo Animation for Stage Display


Animation/motion design for environmental elements; stage design; lighting design; creative direction.



Teaching Series

Denham Springs, LA

In-home teaching sessions by staff at Open Door



Living It!

Mount Pisgah, GA

Writing & directing of a 4-week short film series utilized by Mount Pisgah UMC within their weekly services, synchronous with their theme and branding


MANNA Worldwide

Antigua, Guatemala, Fort Worth, TX

Promotional video recording and multiple program edits



Terminix, QVC, & Shop NBC

Jacksonville, FL

Creative shot selection, scene & prop setup, actor direction for Laura Morey ( to capture B-roll with cinematographer Peter Stahl in promoting Terminix's All Clear personal bug repellent system. Separate footage was recorded for both QVC & Shop NBC within their specific broadcast guidelines.



Jacksonville Juniors Volleyball Association (JJVA)

Jacksonville, FL

Mary Andrew and the staff at JJVA were very excited to play their 6 minute piece and a series of specialized clips highlighting key aspects of their volleyball programs for families.



Hydropure Technologies

Jacksonville, FL

Hydropure Technologies is an innovative company serving the pool and RV industries through cutting-edge water filtration systems. PLP has completed some promotional design work as HydroPure expands its market reach.



Baldinos Giant Jersey Subs

Jacksonville, FL

Product photos for website and menu boards; animations for promos on digital signage. baldinos of Jax, FL



Excuse Me, Are You Jesus? (music video)

St. Augustine, FL

The Nelons, a Southern Gospel music group/family that’s established in the music industry, approached Point Light regarding the possibility of creating a music video for one of their newest songs, “Excuse Me, Are You Jesus?” We brought on a solid crew and terrific extras, making for some awesome quality footage. It was a prestigious shoot, and we are honored to participate. Shooting took place at the Northeast Florida Regional Airport, St. Augustine, FL. Additional news on this project can be viewed on the “Excuse Me, Are You Jesus?” facebook page. Beyond being played by/for thousands of viewers, this project has since received a Silver Telly Award for on-line video.



Northeast Florida Builders Association (internal promotion)

Ponte Vedra, FL

The Northeast Florida Builders Association contacted Point Light Pictures, LLC regarding a comedic short for an upcoming banquet. They provided the locations and cast. We were able to provide the creative shots and a strong edit to make for a very entertaining video.



How I Met My Father (short film)

Los Angeles, CA

Point Light Pictures executive-produced a short film in cooperation with comedian Thor Ramsey and other strong creatives: Christopher Shawn Shaw (director), Tom Costello (co-producer), and Josh B. Jacobs (co-producer). Notable actor Petri Byrd (Judge Judy) participated in the cast. Follow updates on the project's facebook page.





















Growing a Church Choir (non-profit internal promotion)

Choir director Jason Cross consulted with Point Light Pictures producer Don Schaffer to discuss ways of promoting growth for his church's choir. Volunteer numbers had fallen over time, and something had to be done to reverse the trend. Their discussion became the brain-child of a #100strong twitter campaign, promotional videos, and a plan on how to strategically bring about needed change.





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